Prosoma 500mg


Active Ingredient Carisoprodol
Treatment Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
Manufacturer Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 500mg




Do you confront neuropathic pain for a prolonged time? Well! You can consume the popular muscle relaxant, Prosoma 500mg.

It helps relax your muscles and treats neuropathic pain effectively. It is a prescribed muscle relaxant that gives you the best result quickly.

If you hesitate to buy and use this medication, read this article until the end. It lets you know about various aspects of this effective drug.

What is Prosoma 500mg?

It is the skeletal muscle relaxant tablet often used to relieve symptoms and issues caused by injury or other diseases.

It is mainly accessed to reduce uncomfortable bodily feelings and stresses caused by a muscular sprain, tension, and damage.

Doctors recommend using this medicine for a short duration, i.e., up to 2-3 weeks, for better results. 

Belief History about This Medicine:

Centurion Laboratories is behind this effective muscle relaxant. The company has devised a system that accesses technology to assist patients in coping with the stress and discomfort of their diagnosis and treatment.

With a professional team and the latest technology, they develop this superb medicine to treat muscle pains. 

Prosoma 500mg: Active ingredient

This drug’s active ingredient is carisoprodol, which blends with other supporting and vital components to calm the infected area. It prevents the pain sensation signal from transmitting between the brain and nerves. The muscles tend to feel relaxed when the discomforting area is numb. So, the user will no longer feel the pain because of muscle injury or sprain. 

Prosoma is the best painkiller to treat aches and discomforts linked with post-operative surgery, injury, spinal cord pain, etc. It also effectively heals the sensations caused by soreness, sprain, and stress. 

What are the Reasons to take Prosoma Medicine?

Prosoma is an effective neuropathic pain treatment because it acts as the best muscle relaxant.

It assists in alleviating stiffness and inflammation in joints. So you will feel free to move and perform your regular tasks. Ensure you take this medicine with a proper diet, physical therapy, and adequate rest to support a speedy recovery.

Carisoprodol works by blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. Thus, consumers will never face the discomfort caused by pain. It works well for both chronic and acute pain.

Prosoma 500mg: How to Use?

Prosoma is available as an oral tablet, and thus you have to take it by mouth. Take a glass of water and swallow the pill.

Remember that you should not break, chew or crush the pill because it does not provide the necessary effect for your muscle pain. 

Try to use the recommended dosage for the mentioned duration. Taking this drug for more than three weeks without a doctor’s consultation may bring unwanted troubles. It is mandatory to follow the instructions on the label. 

If you have any doubts, ask your doctor and clarify them immediately.

Always take the right dosage of medication because it is a habit-forming drug. Do not take it in a greater quantity because it unlocks the door for unpleasant events.

What is the Dosage of the Prosoma Tablet?

It would be best to take a specific dosage yourself or by others’ recommendation because everyone’s health is different.

Consulting the doctor is always important to take the right dosage and get instant relief for your muscle pain.

The doctor will suggest the dose according to age, other medical conditions, and past health conditions.

The doctor will also check how your body reacts to the first dose and recommend taking this pill for a specific time.

The typical dosage for an adult is taking this pill twice daily for effective results. 

How Long Should You Take This Medication?

Since this pill is a habit-forming medicine, it is strictly recommended to use according to the doctor’s prescription.

You can continue this medicine as long as the doctor suggests. But, you should not extend its usage to relieve muscle pain immediately.

If you do so, you will face several consequences and health issues. 

While taking this medicine, take enough rest and physical rest to boost its performance.

Thus, your skeletal muscle problems, such as pain and damage, will treat effectively. 

Who Need To Avoid Prosoma Medicine?

People below 17 years must avoid this medication.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

People with liver and kidney issues

Senior people 

Prosoma: Precautions and warnings

Before taking Prosoma 500mg, tell the doctor your clinical history, family background of the substance use, and allergic reactions. 

Keep away from alcohol and tell the doctor if you have an addiction to cannabis/marijuana to avoid future mishappenings.

Do not take this pill longer or shorter than the doctor’s recommendation. Likewise, do not overdose on the medication to witness the immediate result.

People with cardiac, obesity, blood pressure, and kidney problems are more likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Never share the medication with anyone, even though they have similar symptoms and problems.

Do not discontinue this pill alone because it leads to confronting withdrawal symptoms. Tell your doctor to reduce the dose accordingly before stopping the treatment. 

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Although this medicine is designed to relieve muscle pain, it showcases the following side effects. It is especially true when taking an overdose or missing a dose.

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Swelling of the face
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Seizure
  • Increased level of serotonin

Always stick to the recommended dosage and follow the instructions on the label properly to avoid these problems. 

Prosoma Medicine: Drug interactions

Prosoma 500mg often interacts with the following medicine, providing many unwanted surprises.

So, check whether you take any of the medicines before consuming Prosoma to avoid issues in the future.

  • Alprazolam
  • Salmeterol
  • Pregabalin
  • Esomeprazole
  • Celecoxib
  • Vitamin B12 and D3
  • Duloxetine 

What to Know About Storing and Disposing Of Prosoma?

It would help if you stored Prosoma 500mg at room temperature and free from heat and moisture.

It will keep the drugs’ efficiency at the optimal rate. It is mandatory to keep all drugs out of the children’s sight and reach as they can open them easily and consume the tablet. 

Try to use lock safety caps and store them in a secure position to avoid troubles.

After consumption, you must dispose of the tablet properly. Do not throw it anywhere and put it in the dustbin. 

Prosoma 500mg: Instructions to Follow While Taking

Do not take more than one Prosoma tablet daily because it increases the risk of potential side effects or works differently in your body.

Create a list of medications you take and render it to your doctor for the right dosage information.

Never start, stop, or change the drug dosage without a doctor’s advice.

Do not take other medicines that let you sleep with the Prosoma. It prevents you from noticing how your body reacts to this drug.

Never worry if you experience any common side effects, such as headaches, because they will go away in a few hours or a day.

Try to take the pill daily simultaneously to obtain an efficient result and get it from the original source.

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