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Welcome to Our Delivery Service!

At, we prioritize your health and make every effort to streamline your healthcare experience. With our dependable and efficient Delivery Service, we ensure that you receive your medications and other healthcare products at your doorstep.

How Our Delivery Service Works

Once you have placed your order on Buynetmeds, the back-end team will send you an email with order details.

Your order will be in a provisional state until you complete payment procedures.

We would generate a Payment Request and send an email regarding it.

Check your email within twenty-four hours and make the appropriate payment.

Once your payment has been received satisfactorily, we will send you an email and begin processing your order.

Some Important Notes To Keep In Mind

Upon placing an order, if you have to move out of station or country for some reason, you can place your order on hold by sending us an email with your order number and the date you want your order shipped. We will then ship your order according to that date, ensuring that delivery is uninterrupted.

Cancellation of a Purchase

If you place an order and wish to rescind it, you must advise us immediately via email with your order number so we can cancel it immediately; if you fail / neglect to inform us, your order will be dispatched and will not be cancelled.

If you accidentally place an order for the incorrect product, please email us within 24 hours with your order number so we can rescind it. If you fail to email us within 24 hours, your order will not be cancelled.

Transit / Shipping Time

After a successful payment, orders are typically shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

Once your order is shipped, our back-end team will send you an email with tracking information and instructions on how to monitor your order, so it is advisable to check your emails.

Delivery Period

Typically, it takes seven to ten days for packages to reach your doorstep.

However, natural disasters, flight delays, and cancellations can impact delivery times.

Refunds and Returns

If you receive a damaged or incorrect product, you must email us with your order number and a photo or video of the product. Therefore, when your order arrives, begin video recording and then begin unboxing the product.

You must send us an email within 24 to 48 hours. However, if you do not respond within the specified time frame, your inquiry will not be considered.

Within 24 to 48 hours of receiving an email, we would review it and send you a copy within 24 to 48 hours.

If we determined that all the information you provided was accurate, we would issue a refund within 7 days.

You must send us an email at [email protected]. (You may also ask us any questions regarding product or order information.)


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